2013-10-24 12:31:00

PORTRET 25.10.2013

Pravá, nebo levá? Není to jedno, když
na stejném základu to sedá?

Jeden na druhého myslí, navenek tak sebejistí.
Tajně se mají stejně rádi, se zarudlými tvářičkami se zarputile škádlí.

Jeden zrcadlí se v druhém, jsou přeci stejným - politickým druhem.

2013-03-08 22:03:09

PORTRAIT 25.1.2013


22nd January

3 days before public votes for the president

( Czech Republic )




4th February

9 days after public votes for the president

( National technical library )


Epos 257 portrait 2013

2013-01-25 20:05:03

Potret 25.1.2013 video

Portrét from

2013-01-24 15:29:57

Cultural Hijack

Cultural Hijack

AA Gallery 26/4/2013 - 25/5/2013
Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture

36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

Exhibitions are open Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00

ZEVS (FRAN), Ztohoven (CZEC), Krzysztof Wodiczko (POL), Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf (GER),Upper Space (UK), Gregory Sholette (USA), Michael Rakowitz (USA), Ben Parry (UK) & Peter McCaughey (IRE), Tatzu Nishi (JPN), Renzo Martens (BELG), Knit the City (UK), Peter Kennard (UK), Laura Keeble (UK), Allan Kaprow (USA), Tushar Joag (IND), Space Hijackers (UK), Paul Harfleet (UK), EPOS 257 (CZEC), Electronic Disturbance Theater (USA), Nina Edge (UK), Alan Dunn (UK), Paolo Cirio (ITA), Leah Borromeo & Dr. D (UK), BGL (CAN)

From the creation of insurgent public spaces to the playful disruptions of public life, Cultural Hijack – curated by artists Ben Parry and Peter McCaughey – explores the role of art and the artist in contemporary society and offers the opportunity to rethink the growing field of intervention in relation to cultural activism and social change.

The exhibition presents a series of provocative interventions which have inserted themselves into the world, demanding attention, interrupting everyday life, hijacking, trespassing, agitating and teasing. Often unannounced and usually anonymous, these artworks have appropriated media channels, hacked into live TV and radio broadcasts, attacked billboards, re-appropriated street furniture, subverted signs, monuments and civic architectures, organised political actions as protest, exposed corporations and tax loopholes and revealed the absurdities of government bureaucracies. 

Cultural Hijack
occurs in three parts: a survey exhibition of documented artworks from across the globe, supported by a programme of artists’ talks; a programme of live-interventions, in which artists arrive in London to agitate and infiltrate the urban territory, starting in Bedford Square and moving out across the city; and CON(tra)VENTION, in which the programme culminates in a carnival weekend of lectures, symposia, screenings, participatory actions, interventions, dinners and debate.

2011-12-31 20:10:22

urban (shoot) paintings 2011


Continuation of the project Urban Shoot Paintings of 2009. The theme – a gesture signalling

an attack – remains the same. Its essence, however, relates more to the very roots of guerrilla

art (for it now involves a homemade weapon and ammunition), established at the end of

the 1960s in the US by activist groups refashioning billboard adverts. Furthermore, I move

around with the weapon in the open urban landscape. In my case, it is not an attack on

a particular advert but billboard as a medium in general, which in this context represents

a painter’s canvas in the urban landscape.




2011-12-31 11:36:43

another free target

no money for another advertise ?

2011-12-30 14:52:30


2011-12-30 11:42:49


2010-11-29 16:09:38

50 square meters of the public space

The illegal appropriation of public space with no apparent intent

Duration: 54 days (September 04 - October 27, 2010)

Location: Palackeho square, Prague - the so-called "Czech Hyde Park" - allegedly the most

liberal spot in the country, approved by the authorities for holding any unannounced public


Have we grown accustomed to having our living space curbed by just anyone? Is public

space a mere myth? In the current society, our living space is defined by legal norms

and regulations, the same way as fences demark the choices of our free movement.

Only by attempting to cross those boundaries, we learn how limited the space we live

in really is - that we are not as free as it may initially seem. We are getting the sense

that the individuality of today is destined to an existence amidst restrictions.

more photos here

2010-11-16 12:58:55


more videos here

2010-11-16 12:47:47


a book about the installation olgoj chorchoj

2010-07-12 19:57:57


Prague Biennale "U Zvonu" GMPH 2010

bienale zvon 2010 EPOS 257

2010-01-08 05:41:59

after subway mission


photo by Tomas Trestik

2009-12-30 14:45:08

about a tree - book launch

2009-12-29 11:31:24

About a tree


My first publication with short proloque and documentation projekt about a tree

more here

2009-08-31 17:04:43





old sports center closed 3 years ago - just go inside, switch on the electricity and let's play...

one of my best time in Berlin city

2009-08-30 23:58:47

dead mouse



2009-06-28 23:23:29

the game is not over

prague center


2009-06-07 21:31:14

Olgoj Chorchoj

new installation

Olgoj Chorchoj Epos 257

2009-05-14 14:56:04

living in the city



2009-03-28 19:38:39

under the river

subway tunnel metro prague

the tunnel conecting metro lines B and C under the river "Vltava" in Prague